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Key Account Sales, M&A, Investment Banking.

Serving Business Owners and CEOs of Private Companies Since 1998.

Concierge C-Suite Business Development Consulting

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C-Suite Lead Generation

I work closely and in confidence with business owners and CEOs of private companies to evaluate their current business model and identify opportunities for significant growth. My Concierge C-Suite marketing and communication services include C-Suite lead generation, key account sales, M&A (buy-side and sales side assignments) joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.
Steve Weintz, Founder & CEO
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Concierge C-Suite ​Business Development Consulting

Merger and Acquisitions: Buy-Side and Sell-Side Assignments:

I’ll work with you in strict confidence to approach and engage possible acquisition targets. I assist with due diligence, valuations, provide alternative strategies for either a stock or asset purchase. I help negotiate and close deals and help source funding and investment partners if needed.

Sell Your Company:

I’ll help you think through and create different scenarios for you to sell your business including an outright acquisition or a structured buy-out over time. I’ll personally market your company and screen prospective buyers to find the perfect match. Or . . .if you are not quite ready to sell, we can work together to grow and increase the value of your company–by internal growth and perhaps also through some target acquisitions. I’m looking for a company where I can contribute my strategic sales, marketing, merger and acquisition and capital fundraising expertise.  Again my overall mission is to help you identify and execute opportunities for significant growth leading to an exit strategy which we would formulate together.

Strategic Business Planning (Business Plans and CIMs):

I’ll write, edit or expand your business plan as a road map to get to where you want to go. I work with your CPA or financial advisor to provide financial modeling and forecasting in addition to writing the narrative portion of the plan. If you are selling your business I’ll work to develop a CIM (Confidential Information Memorandum) to hand to potential buyers, investment firms and individuals.

Investment Banking:

I have a national network of private and institutional investors. I’ll help you find the best investment partners and I’ll make introductions for you to raise capital from venture capital firms, or accredited private investors. I assist with valuations, securities filings and private placements and coordinate work with transaction attorneys, etc. I am NOT a licensed broker-dealer nor do I operate on a commission basis for these services. I comply with all SEC rules and regulations.

Key Account Sales; Corporate Lead Generation and Strategic Marketing:

I make Board level connections and introductions and help facilitate and close key account sales and deals.

Digital Marketing Consulting:

When you look at your new business acquisition,  90% or more of your inquiries are coming from web search. Potential customers are searching for solutions, so your website needs to be up to the task to both deliver answers to their queries and provide an opportunity for them to take action. Driving in traffic can be accomplished through optimizing your website structure and content. If you are using paid search to drive targeted traffic, you need to be sure your investment is at peak performance and delivering ROI. Let me review your digital marketing strategies and make recommendations to increase your web presence and allow you to get your share of the traffic that is already seeking your products/services. You need to be able to provide your solutions to this target audience effectively and efficiently.

Concierge C-Suite ​Business Consulting

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Steven B. Weintz, Founder & CEO
Phone: (843)822-7664


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