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$18 Million Specialty Pharmaceutical Company
VC Capital Raise

$1.5M Custom Fishing Rod Company—Private Investor

$15+M in B2B Key Account Sales and Lead Generation

$2.3M Sale of Specialty Engineering and Light Mfg. firm—Private Transaction

$1.6M Scientific Research Company—Private Investor

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The Art of the Cold Call

I love making cold calls. Many people would opt for multiple root canals than make cold calls on a regular basis. The tougher the call, the more I enjoy the challenge. There is a great deal of satisfaction in connecting with the impossible-to-get-to CEO, Chairman,...

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SBW Ventures, Inc. Company Owner/Seller Services

SBW Ventures, Inc.  assists business owners of small and middle market companies. We provide both business brokerage services for small business owners, and M&A advisory services.  We understand you've worked hard for many years building your business. Long hours....

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Entrepreneurship and the Reality of Faith

Steven B. Weintz  St. Augustine once wrote, “Faith is belief in things unseen, and rewards of faith are seeing those things once believed in.” For the entrepreneur starting a new business venture, this is more than a spiritual platitude penned by some first-century...

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Apocalypse Now?

Steven B. Weintz THROUGHOUT RECORDED HISTORY there have always been miserable, unhappy people eagerly telling us that the world is coming to an end. When times are good, when our bills are paid and we have money in our pocket, most of us brush past the zealot on the...

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