SBW Ventures, Inc.  assists business owners of small and middle market companies. We provide both business brokerage services for small business owners, and M&A advisory services.  We understand you’ve worked hard for many years building your business. Long hours. Plenty of sacrifice and worry. It’s time to cash in. You only get one shot at selling your business. It better be good. Not good—the best. Our objective is to make sure you get the most for your business. Additionally, you want a compatible buyer who will build on your legacy and continue to grow the Company you worked so hard to create.

If you are ready to sell your business, it makes sense to use a professional advisor to prepare a confidential business profile, find qualified buyers, and negotiate the sale. Trying to sell your business on your own is not only a lot harder than it looks, it also takes time away from running your business and maximizing its value.

Our relationship with you as a seller begins with our education. We spend time with you to understand your business, your markets, your challenges, your financial history and outlook, and your business model. Once we have performed this analysis, and a selling price has been agreed on, you will execute an engagement agreement with us allowing us to represent you in the sale of your business.

We then prepare a complete and compelling business-offering memorandum; also a general “teaser” (e-mail or letter or advertisement) with basic, non-identifying information that we can use to attract general interest through marketing. We then progress to more detailed information to send to prospective purchasers, carefully screened to make sure that they are capable of purchasing. (In all cases, prospects have signed confidentiality agreements for your protection.)

Creating this package results in a smoother sales process.

This is not a cookie cutter deal—each situation is unique. Together we will create a marketing strategy that may include direct contacts with prospective buyers, and industry leaders as well as generic advertisements in trade or business publications such as the Wall Street Journal. Everything we do to market your business will be handled with confidentiality. The prospects you will see will be those who we have checked out and who we are confident are financially and motivationally capable of buying your business. No information will be disclosed without signed confidentiality agreements.  Once an Offer or Letter of Intent has been signed and agreed to, we will help facilitate the Due Diligence Process; Purchase Agreement Negotiations and Post-Closing Planning. Most important, you are in control during the negotiation process leading up to an offer and Purchase Agreement.