conferenceMapping a course for success: your corporate destiny. Knowing who and where you are is essential to knowing where you want to go and what you want to become, as a company.

Working with you and your management team, we’ll ask (and help you answer) such questions as: how does your product or service stack up against the competition? What is your competitive strength and weakness? What are current industry trends? Where is the market headed? What new products or services do you have under development? What is the timeframe for introduction of new products? What patent or copyright protection do you have?

Marketing: Penetration analysis —- what is your current market share? Analysis of sales history to spot short and long term patterns. Analysis and evaluation of your current marketing methodology. How do you generate new business and what is the cost per order? Detailed attention to sales force performance and return on any and all advertising (T.V., radio, print, direct mail, internet, etc). How do you retain or renew existing business?

Management: What is the structure of your current management team now? Is it a balanced team with expertise in all critical areas-e.g. finance, marketing, etc. How do you measure success within each department? What is your reporting structure? How is management held accountable? Review hiring and staffing procedures.

Finance: What is the status of your current balance sheet? Do you need expansion capital? Do you need to refinance or re-structure debt? Do you need an additional round of funding-what is the right vehicle for you-debt instrument, equity offering, etc. We development private placement offerings (deal sheets). SBW Ventures, Inc. has a network of private angel investors as well as strong ties with leading merchant banks and VC funds. We can advise you and help make introductions for you to raise capital from venture capital firms, or accredited private investors. We are NOT a licensed broker-dealer, nor do we operate on a commission basis for these services. We comply with all SEC rules and regulations.

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